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There is no crypto enthusiast who has not heard about Decentralized Finance (aka DeFi): a sphere, which emerged and ultimately enhanced the blockchain distributed ledger technology ecosystem. After the years of whitepapers, DeFi brought the necessary actuality, involving true builders who are creating new applications with impressive speed.

Lack of proper use case applications along with the speculative reputation of the crypto industry itself has been slowing down the influx of capital, and scared off many early adopters this whole time.

The power of DeFi isn’t the tooling, it’s not the lenders, it’s not the DEXs; it’s the assets.”

However, such predominantly successful projects, like Aave and Compound, started a new Era in the industry, encompassing new, financial markets use cases into it. The new wave of innovative dapps has begun, introducing some experimental works like YFI, which defined the official birth of the Yield Farming. No surprise, within just a few weeks dozens of new projects emerged.

As it usually is with the new tech and opportunities, the information is extremely scattered, it is hard to know where to start, what resources to use. The first ever aggregator of information was I took it as an inspiration to create an improved, and more informative is the tool aimed at bringing all the relevant information together and provide you with the necessary toolset, to enhance your yield farming experience.

📚 Protocol Design

What you will be able to see on the website:

- Calculator for the highest APY with more than 100+ different pools and 20+ projects (and counting).

(i) Tools for Evaluation of Investment Opportunities:

  • Assess impermanent loss in different scenarios, to decide between contributing to the liquidity pools or just holding on to your assets,
  • Anticipate the opportunity costs involved,
  • Estimate gains/losses (USD or percentage) when contributing borrowed assets to liquidity pools,
  • Evaluate the factors affecting your assets when using liquidity pools in Balancer, Uniswap, Curve and other platforms,

(ii) 1-click pool joining from a single interface. Manage all of your Yield farming pools within a single tool;

(iii) YFO Yield farming optimizer that dynamically rebalances funds while continuously selling the underlying crypto-assets on spot and earning the highest yield available across yield-farming pools opportunities.

YFO is a set of smart contracts that arranges smart routing of crypto assets towards the best yields the market is offering. Users deposit assets into a smart contract and choose individual preferences for the opportunities to be chased. YFO monitors yields and automatically relocates holdings to the highest yielding product.

YFO is initially set to support deposits to Vaults on Yearn, staking of on Sushi, YAM, YFV, Based and others, and offers a generalized approach to plug-in novel yield-farming opportunities. Over time, YFO will support a wider range of assets and arbitrage, and other opportunities emerging in the ecosystem.


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DeFiYield.App Guides

DeFiYield.App Guides

World’s Only Safe Defi Cross-Chain Investment Protocol Based on Machine Learning

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